Looking back on fashion from our Wonder Years


Although she’s more of a 90’s gal I had to put her on my list. One of my top favourite fashion icons from the 90’s R&b era. She’s edgy, unique and bandanas and low cut jeans work on her.

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Johnny Depp

Unafraid, ballsy and inspiring is what Tim Burton saw in him. The old candyfloss boy Johnny Depp turned into the one of a kind Johnny Depp he is today.


Britney Spears 

Britney Spears has always experimented a ton with fashion, and she’s tried out everything from post-punk emo to school girl preppy in ‘hit me, baby, one more time.’

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Destiny’s child 

Destiny’s child came out looking so fabulous you wanted to be these girls. They took ‘bold’ and made it classy. They could wear the trashiest thing and make it look glamorous.

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Lindsay Lohan

Remember her from ‘freaky Friday’ and ‘ confessions of a teenage drama queen?’ She was always so spunky, fresh and never understated. There was something so bright about her presence , and she wore everything in style.

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Avril Lavigne 

Every teenage girl will remember their ‘avril lavigne days’  when baggy camo pants and neckties were cool. Flat ironing your hair and black kohl eyeliner was the new thing. It’s a little outdated now. But this girl was an inspiration for so many young girls who felt like they didn’t fit or weren’t like the others girls’. She made ‘different’ the new cool.

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NSYNC was cool, happening and the youth, especially young women love them. Why did boy bands make such noise?. Because they were well dressed men who weren’t afraid to flaunt it. Comfortable with their sexuality, artistic, fashionable and fresh.

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Friends was majorly popular and relatable. Every character on this show was well dressed and stylish in their unique ways. phoebe in her bohemians skirts and Joey in his Leather jackets.  We loved them!, and why?. Because they were us, like our friends and family. It’s the kind of fashion we could all see ourselves in.

Freaks and geeks 

The fashion is very casual , and simple but it makes a statement because of the characters wearing them. That’s the most important thing about style, you should be wearing your clothes with finesse not have your clothes wearing you.

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When I first came across pink, she was such an inspiration. She’s so ballsy with everything from music to fashion. I loved her early 2000 looks with short hair and ponytails, edgy makeup. She was expressive, loud and very out there with her style.

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