I’ve read a ton of blogs, articles etc for summer look inspirations but rarely do they touch upon our expectations. Some outfits just don’t look good on us and the rest are way too impractical, especially if you’re from a tropical country like me.

I see these gorgeous images with women flaunting white sundresses with perfect flowy waves and heels. If that were me, I’d be sweating down my pits, my hair would be frizzy and I would have broken a heel. Look, in no way am i implying that you can not be fashionable in summer. There are plenty of Natural, beautiful ways you can do so, which I will touch upon. Most of these looks are easy, effortless and Natural.

If you’ve been reading my blog, I have massive love for all things raw and spiritual. It’s definitely a rarity in today’s superficial world. This includes areas of fashion and style, which is why I’m featuring the beautiful moonchild Riddhi Roy on my blog. Her style is just so effortless yet unique to her, definitely worth a huge shoutout. 

Summer looks


Looking Fresh is such a huge aspect to summer days. Hot summers are the season of breakouts and frizzy hair, so before you put on your beautiful summer outfit it’s best to take care of your skin and hair. and  Riddhi has been customizing her own homemade skincare products for years now, laying off chemicals and parabens- mainly focusing on the idea of sustainability  and minimizing waste. Kudos to her!, you can even shop for her homemade products on ‘Brujeria Beauty’. From cleansers to shampoos. they seem to have it all!. Definitely check out her products to get that Natural summer Glow. 

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 She’s a queen of natural beauty and all Greens. Boyfriend jeans and flared tops are perfect  for summer as i’ve mentioned in my blog “keeping it casual, keeping stylish’- it’s something you can never really go wrong with on a sunny day out. The bohemian look is a hard one to pull off but for Riddhi it’s no biggie.


WHITES, REDS, YELLOWS and ORANGE tones look gorgeous in summers. Pair it up with denim shorts or jeans- keep it loose and flared for that easy breezy, laid back look. ‘The real hot girl summer’ is anything comfy yet stylish so ditch the tight clothes for a while and allow yourself to breathe.

Riddhi has a mystical flare about her appearance, while looking strong and ethereal. She definitely knows her style. This simple but stylish look works so fashionably during a regular summer day out with friends or even a day at the park. While women on magazines are rocking mainstream sundresses she’s rocking the cute boho chic. Riddhi is an authentic Fairy For real.

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Speaking of Color, makeup is a great add on for your summer outfit. We all know makeup can get Cakey and uncomfortable on peak summer days but Riddhi has a great solution for you, and a natural one at that too. 

Riddhi has been making her own makeup from Chemical free substances. She wears a cheek stain and lip taint which are both home made completely naturally! she uses Beetroot and coconut oil to get the light blush and glow perfect if you’re going for a natural look. 

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Not only is she a total style icon and she’s a beautiful artist!. Her creativity reflects in her style and her bohemian advocacy. She’s a bundle of both uniqueness and simplicity. As compared to today’s current fashion Riddhi’s look is a striking one hence a perfect example of looking both ‘fresh ‘ and ‘Natural’ this summer.

She’s one of those Women that pull off Denim with ease, even in Summer!. Normally I wouldn’t advise ‘An all Denim look for summer’ I would recommend it for fall or spring mostly because it can get a little hot and stuffy, however Riddhi could wear Denim in summer and make it look effortless.

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Hence for Summer don’t overthink it, in fact stop reading Blogs ( I say that as a Blogger) . Just embrace you!. You don’t have to recreate certain looks, and I’m definitely not asking you to dress a certain way. They are an inspiration to take and learn from because fashion is constantly evolving and finding yourself- ‘be uniquely you’. So wear whatever you want , it’s summer!  go out and enjoy the sun already. 

Make sure to check out Riddhi Basu Roy (Nomadfairy) on the Gram!