Getting beach ready and looking glam by the pool might seem like something right out of Katy Perry’s ‘California Girls’  but this is a look you can learn how to rock. There’s no reason to dress down just because you’re near risky waters. Whether it’s a pool party or the Beach, don’t get sand in your ass crack instead here are some effortless ways you can rock the the ‘By the pool look’

You can’t go wrong with Neon

The clever thing about Neon is that it contrasts so well with Blues, Greens and sandy tones. Whether it’s neon green or Pink , a nice strappy bikini or one piece is an automatic head turner. You can miss a Gal in Neon bikini. ‘Icon Swimwear’ is a great place to get your neon piece and prices are not too steep. 

Nupur Mohanty a student of Savannah College of Art and Design has been designing swimwear for ‘Icon Swim’ for around 2 years and her collections are absolutely gorgeous and worth checking out. Who is this Mystery woman behind the Hottest swimsuits in store?

A huge shoutout for such a unique Talent! Nupur clearly keeps up with trends and caters to the youth, her swimwear collections are both delicate and pretty as well as Bold and edgy. Celebrities from Jordyn Woods to even Kylie Jenner have been caught looking fabulous in Nupur’s Hottest collections. 

Other than Nupur’s obvious Talent for creating beautiful swimsuits, she flaunts her personal style confidently, which undoubtedly speaks highly of her taste in Style and aesthetics.

Soft Pastels

Jordyn Woods looks stunning in one of Nupur’s designs – ‘The Party animal Swimsuit’. Pastels are a great idea for a summer day by the pool or for a more chill occasion. It’s subtle, pretty and has that vintage Sophia Loren vibe that is definitely a rarity. This design is definitely a jaw dropper.

Nupur Mohanty fashion


Tinashe, one of my personal favorite artists and style icons, is wearing one of Nupur’s designs from Icon Swim, a little hint of color and the criss cross athletic cut works in Tinashe’s favor.  The most unique thing about Nupur Mohanty’s designs is her ability to work with various cuts, straps and looks making every single one of her designs one of its own kind. Swimwear I would personally love shopping for, kudos to Nupur creating such gorgeous swim pieces!

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ONE piece ONE woman 

Nupur’s one Piece designs are worth a ‘One woman show ‘. If you thought bikinis are the Hotstuff just because you saw Spring Breakers think again! Because Nupur poses in her own designs looking hotter than ever. 

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Unique cuts, colors, prints and much more! Her pieces just keep getting better. If you want to ‘Swim in Style’ you know where to shop already. Nupur’s designs are worth checking out on Icon Swimwear. Talented women like Nupur deserve all the support for her innovative contributions to ‘Icon Swimwear’ And their collection. Please make sure to check her out on the Gram and show her love by getting Summer ready in her stunning swimsuits!