Hypebeast, that guy you know who’s always using his collectables to make a fashion statement. But how far can you really go?

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Why do Dudes buy so many sneakers?

They’re a status symbol. It’s like expensive cars or the new iPhone.

Most people who buy a Ferrari don’t buy it because they’re gonna go on the track, they buy it because it’s a Ferrari, and want to have the newest most expensive one to look cool.

And likewise, most people who drop $600 on a pair of Jordan’s aren’t actually looking to improve their basketball game or buy really nice Vans because they skate, they buy them because they can say “Hey look I can afford these super cool futuristic shoes”, and get excited when a newer model comes out because now they get to look richer. That’s okay, if you’re looking for that type of attention but remember not everyone is going to appreciate the Flashiness so be prepared for the critiques.

Also, it’s a hobby thing too. It’s like collecting stamps or solving Rubik’s cubes or video games. You get excited when you see a cool stamp being sold or MoYu making a new cube or Bethesda releasing Fallout 4. Same for sneakers.

Plus, some people just like sneakers. Why do you like insert favourite food? Why is your favourite movie insert title? Liking is very subjective and impossible to explain, because people just, like things. There’s no real reason, they just do. Same also applies to sneakers.

HYPEBEAST -The Foolish Addictions

“Guys think that rocking rare or exclusive kicks will help them do better with the opposite sex. And typically it does. Why do you think that some ladies save for months, even years, just to get a pair of Christian Louboutins? The only difference with buying a pair of Louboutins is that women typically don’t have to wait hours on end just to get a pair” says Complex Magazine. 

Buying rare products creates a chemical reaction within our brains. It makes us feel like we leveled up and Confident. The dopamine high that comes from acquiring something that increases your worth will cause you to repeat that action over and over again to get the same result

What is worth your money?

Shoes are definitely something worth spending money on but to what level?. Nike, Adidas, Fila are the ones that are extremely popular Fashion statement wise. Nike’s slogan ’Just do it’ made it a memorable and household name. Fila’s old school white sneaker look is coming back in style. You guys are dying to look like your dad’s in the 80’s aren’t you?.

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I mean it’s cool and all but the scary part is that they’re making you look all the same, like clones in white sneakers. It kind of reminds of the ’Flan episode’ on Courage the cowardly Dog. Apparently  ya’ll call it the ’Hypebeast outfit’ which is basically equivalent to the Mean girls- ’we wear Pink on Wednesdays’. For sure they are excellent quality shoes but why don’t you switch it up a bit and try something new for a change. Here are some great places to find a unique and rich collection of Men’s shoes

You like it old school, try converse 

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Be a Rebel without a cause. In these 1460 BASQUIAT LEATHER LACE UP BOOTS

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A great Alternative to Fila is Puma, don’t forget about me, They’re insanely cool

These are the new RS-X³ Lava Blast Sneakers

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If you can afford the New Jordans you can Afford Dolce & Gabbana which by the way are far better quality and will most definitely put on a social pedestal 

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Is this the right Attitude?

Men’s fashion items are often investments – a good suit, a great overcoat and a decent pair of shoes have never been cheap to buy but were built to last season upon season. Perhaps men spending more on their footwear is a sign that quality is being appreciated. Maybe it’s a cry for help because Men have less options in clothing and out wear unlike they do with shoes which they can experiment with in stylish ways and pull off much easily. 

 I’d say it’s a lot like showing off your car or your new home. Nobody likes a show off and after a while it just gets unimpressive.No shopping addiction is a healthy one so one should ask themselves ‘Why?’, is it for the rush and validation?.

The next time you think about spending all your money on the new Jordan’s ask yourself is it a worth it Investment or would you rather Invest in something else.

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